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Want to see more employees bike to work? Now is the perfect time to promote bicycle commuting at your worksite because it’s Bike Month! Your Southland rideshare agencies are hosting activities—especially during Bike Week May 12-18—that include rallies, guided rides, bicycling “pit stops,” free rides on transit, prize drawings and more.

Biking is a great way to get fit and save money, and it’s more accessible than ever before. Metro Rail and Metrolink allow bikes onboard. Nearly all buses now have bike racks—which means cycling isn’t limited to only the very fit or the “five-miles-or-closer-to-the-office” crowd.

Here’s what’s happening...

Get Workers to Join in on Bike to Work Day

We need you
…to show your support for Bike to Work Day at your worksite. Some ideas:

  • Hold an event,whether a raffle, contest, group ride or greeting cyclists as they arrive with snacks and applause.

  • Promote Bike to Work Day through email announcements and forwarding links to the online pledge forms and prize drawings.

  • Suggest a transit/bike mix as an alternative to biking all the way to open up cycling to more workers.

  • Recruit your current riders to serve as ambassadors and/or bike buddies to ride alongside more inexperienced bike commuters.

  • Help employees find safe, flat bike routes. (Don’t know how? Suggest or the bike feature on Google maps or in Ventura County, download the bikeways app at

  • Make sure bicyclists are included in any rideshare perks your worksite offers—and/or sign up for incentives from your county rideshare agencies

  • Provide riders with a place to wash up and stow bikes at the office.

Bike to Work Day

Thousands of commuters will get to work on two wheels in celebration of Bike to Work Day on Thursday, May 15.

“Bike to Work Day is an opportunity for people who’ve been thinking about bicycle commuting to put that idea into action,” says Metro’s Paula Carvajal. Along the way, riders will have a chance to visit any of more than 100 pit stops where they can rest, refresh, and get snacks and giveaways.

When they make the pledge to ride on Bike to Work Day—whether all the way to work or as far as a nearby transit stop or Park & Ride—they can qualify to win prizes such as bicycles and bike gear.

Participants who do bike and then catch a bus or train can ride free on Metro and Metrolink as well as many municipal lines (check with your local provider). Cyclists need only to show a bike or bike helmet as their “ticket” to ride that day.

Also on Bike to Work Day, OCTA will hold a morning 3-mile bike rally and ride through Old Town to Orange.

For pit stop locations, online pledge forms and more information:
In Los Angeles County— and form)
In Orange County—
In Ventura County—goventura.orgContinued