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Bike Week/Month is coming up soon, and it's a great opportunity to help your employees discover a zero-emission, low-cost way to get to get fit and have fun while they're doing it.

Plenty of activities are in the works! Join local agencies for rallies, tune-ups, pit stops, prizes and group rides—and when you help host a Bike to Work event, you may also get freebies, refreshments and prizes for your employees.

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spacerOur roundup of the latest news in transit, including the launch of express bus routes ... alerts ... special fares and ...
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In Brief

Coming up: free ETC marketing certificate workshops in Los Angeles/Orange counties and the Inland more rideshare and bike events!

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10 reasons your employees aren't biking to work...and if you're not aware of the reasons they don't bike, you might be missing out on ways to get them to try it.

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